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OK, so 5 year laps, but………

Wow, like I just feel asleep for 5 years and just woke up.  If that was only true but reality is in that 5 years a lot has happened and none of it has been recorded or shared here because I was asleep at the wheel of this site.

Well, no more say I.  There is too much for us to share and so little time, so lets get to it!!!!

53rd, ain’t it grand?!!

Yesterday I turned 53 but to be honest I truly feel 35.   I have so many things I have yet to do and see, young daughters that are still growing, need educations, cars, weddings and grandchildren to spoil so its a good thing that I still feel young and have 2 new companies just busting out.

As we say in Hong Kong, “Add Oil”.