So, the site is set up and ready to roll but the thing we are missing is content and users.  I hope that we can remedy that soon.

For non-Walker’s, (extended family members) I hope you will not be offended by the site name but we just have to pick a family name.  Please understand that all, the Clawson’s, Crisp’s, Hart’s, Mao’s, Sherman’s, and more, are all welcome, appreciated and have a place both here and in our hearts.  The main focal point for this sites origin’s is my father, Stephen William Walker.  The family tree extends out in many directions from there but we are all the same tree.

Everyone can have their own blog spot on the page which will have its own direct address and can be reached through the main menu of the site.  So, sign up today and lets start hearing from you.

The site has a calendar which is being worked on but will allow activities, birthdays, anniversaries and more all to be listed.

All users will be able to send messages to any other user of the site though the site.

Open Forums is an area where everyone can openly discuss anything they wish.

Please provide comments and recommendations for features and functions.  I am open to anything.  Let’s make this something we all can use and enjoy.